About why

DIZ.LINK is an easy to use (and free!) service to Shorten & Simplify URLs!

As a regular user of URL shortening services like bit.ly and is.gd, recently I've decided to implement a simpler service, and happened to find even a cool domain name... diz.link! :-)
All features are composed by cherry-picking the common use-cases of existing providers, and customised according to my specific needs, and also adding some missing features. For example, I always wanted to have 'multiple custom links' assigned to a single URL, so diz.link has this feature now! :)
Hereby, opening to this service the public... please use with care, and share! (-> sharing is caring!)

FAQ what-how

Here's context based information organised as FAQ.

It is an easy to use (and free!) service to Shorten & Simplify URLs!
Give a long URL/link, and it shortens diz link into a unique alphanumeric word of 6 characters. You can also simplify it by assigning human readable words.
For example;
long url: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/101705056357649528398
is shortened into http://diz.link/00697d
and simplified into http://diz.link/community
There's NO signup, it's not required yet...
All you need is to access diz.link using web-browser with cookies enabled (which mostly is already enabled by default!). Your links are identified using your browser's cookie, so that you can access later using mylinks menu.
All shortened links are private and accessible via DIZ.LINK clients (web, api etc). Sharing with others is completely at your choice.
We do not collect any personally identifying information from users of diz.link service, we respect your privacy! For details, see our Privacy Policy.
Any open service has to deal with spammers (not everyone is as cool as you are ;)), and captcha is an effective way to handle such challenges.
reCaptcha is a cool initiative! yes, it gives you hard puzzles (and sometimes annoyingly hard) to solve, but all is with good purpose for value creation! see Google-reCAPTCHA for details.
Please share your comments, feedback, suggestions... share, write, scream, shout, jump around..!
Ah btw, developers are welcome to use diz.link API too!
Well... remember that Incognito can be everywhere and nowhere ;-)
Get in touch by following on Blogs, Twitter, Email, ...
Please join diz.link's diz.link's google+ community to stay in touch, and even request new features!
Plz check the footer for all contact details.
If you want to report abuse/spam usage;
plz email us at reportabuse@diz.link